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Fact Sheets Fact Sheets

Garlic Fact Sheet Basil Fact Sheet



Tomato Fact Sheet Blossom End Rot Fact Sheet


Blossom End Rot

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Step by Step Tutorials Step by Step Tutorials

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1. Soil pH

Knowing about your soil is the foundation of having a great garden! If you have an existing garden bed, but certain plants just don’t survive there maybe it’s because the soil pH isn’t right for them. These tutorials will help you solve the problem.

a. How do I test soil pH?


b. Using the results of the pH test


2. No-Dig Gardens

A no-dig garden is a great way to start your vegetable garden. It’s cheap, easy and it’s quick. These tutorials will show you step by step how to create and plant out a no-dig garden.

a. Setting up a no-dig garden


b. Planting out a no-dig garden



In this month’s issue –

Confessions of a Salad Snob

Recipes –

1. Bruschetta

2. Impossible Pie

Featured Articles –

1. Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – Heirloom tomatoes are prized for their amazing flavor.

2. Garden Landscape – Adjusting the pH level In your soil is the key to success.



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Bonus 1: Interactive pH Guide

Go Green

Bonus 2: Go Green – Don’t pay for it at – Download it here for free!

125 Ways To Go Green